Informing How We Work: Campus Experts

Based in the Office of the Provost, the Administrative Modernization Program(AMP) pools the collective expertise and experience of the campus community to work on projects that streamline and enhance administrative processes. The effort is massive: AMP leverages the perspective of over 300 campus voices from virtually every facet of campus such as Department of Transportation Services, Academic Affairs, Dining Services, Athletics and more than thirteen colleges and schools. By identifying challenges and offering solutions, helping to design and test new tools, and enhancing processes, these individuals—working in operations, finance, student services and administration—help inform how we can modernize administrative processes.  The involvement of the campus community in AMP projects will help shape how we improve day-to-day operations, fund projects that inspire our community, and keep the cost of education down.  

Meet some of the individuals working to shape the direction of the University of Maryland’s future, below:


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