Budget Model Development


A more transparent, systemic budget model will help provide the insight and tools essential for funding important initiatives, while carefully measuring spending against budget. This philosophy underpins all AMP initiatives and enables the university to achieve its mission-critical goals.

Current Activity

Phase 1 saw more rigor applied to budgeting and accounting of fringe benefits as well as auxiliary and self support operations. This has enabled more effective campus-wide budget forecasting and accounting. The processes and mechanics for transferring budget dollars on accounts within and among departments are ongoing, which will yield more transparency in all departments’ budgets for accounting and forecasting purposes. Planning for cost of education study is underway.

Planned Activities

Complete implementation of fringe benefits budgeting program. Begin the process of planning for more comprehensive budgeting methodology campus-wide. Complete “cost of education” data analysis to better understand the efficacy of our resource allocation model.

Staff Involvement



AMP + College Budget Officers