A more transparent, systemic budget model will help provide the insight and tools essential for funding important initiatives, while carefully measuring spending against budget. This philosophy underpins all AMP initiatives and enables the university to achieve its mission-critical goals.

Personalize and streamline connections with prospective students, current students, alumni, partners, faculty and staff to cultivate engaging experiences. This effort is powered by Salesforce.

TerpEngage will :
Enhance the student experience
Reduce administrative cost
Integrate existing systems
Deliver timely data to stakeholders

Develop an efficient and effective fleet management operation for the University of Maryland to meet campus transportation demands with fiscal responsibility.

Improve the way UMD purchases its goods and services by providing stakeholders effective processes and tools throughout the procurement process.

The goals for Procurement Modernization are:

Reduce administrative burden
Increase savings and cost avoidance
Achieve the best collective value
Transition to a strategic focus
Improve visibility and communications
Meet data and reporting needs

Simplify the way UMD administers travel with intuitive tools and processes, improving employee experience as they conduct the important business of the university.