Enrollment Management


Enrollment Management at the University of Maryland supports over 40,000 incoming applications, over 60,000 incoming e-mails, and over 150,000 phone calls per year,  as well as hundreds of outgoing e-mail campaigns, events, and tours culminating in bringing the Maryland experience to over 60,000 visitors a year. To manage this demand, Enrollment Management uses several separate, disparate, homegrown and vended solutions.  By moving these functions onto a single CRM, stakeholders will be able to see all of the ways prospective, admitted, confirmed, and yielded students engage with the University of Maryland, better equipping Enrollment Management to support  and ultimately yield and retain students. Current student interactions with the Office of Student Financial Aid will also be included in this robust CRM solution.

Intended Outcomes

Upon completion of this initiative, there will be one system to support Enrollment Management's internal as well as Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid's needs, including those met with the current CRM and those met by other solutions (or not met at all): prospect management, territory management, mass e-mail, social media management, events management, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and others.


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