Procurement Modernization Planning and Engagement

Parent Program


In collaboration with Huron Consulting, engage UMD stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) in facilitated discovery sessions. Sessions will be organized by procurement-oriented themes geared toward finding existing challenges and best practices in UMDs current procurement environment. After completion of SME engagement and discovery, a roadmap and set of recommendations will be drafted. The roadmap and recommendations will be vetted with SMEs and AMP leadership, and the portfolio of AMP initiatives related to procurement modernization will begin planning and implementation.

Intended Outcomes

  • Recommendations and roadmap for long-term sustainable procurement modernization initiatives
  • Data from campus procurement SMES about opportunities to improve entire procure-to-pay process
  • Clarification and improvement of policies and procedures
  • Develop key performance metrics for improving cost savings, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Identify best practice procurement operating models to help build repeatable, practical and measurable systems
  • Create innovative solutions to improve vendor payment flexibility

Project Information


February, 2018


$125,000 - Huron leading SME data gathering sessions.


Campus stakeholders engaged Long-term roadmap of Procurement Modernization Initiatives

Return Time

February, 2018


Project Team


AMP Project Manager

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