About AMP


Former President Wallace Loh charged the Flagship 2020 Commission to chart a road map to competitive excellence for UMD. Workgroups comprising faculty, staff, and students provided recommendations on:

  • Strategic budgeting and finance
  • Innovations and efficiencies in education, research, and administrative operations
  • Revenue generating opportunities

UMD engaged Grant Thornton to conduct a thorough assessment of campus pain points and challenging processes, and to make recommendations for improvement and modernization. Recommendations sought to:

  • Identify efficiency gains
  • Explore revenue generation opportunities
  • Improve the customer experience

AMP is formed by President Wallace Loh and Provost Mary Ann Rankin to tackle broad challenges in a centrally coordinated way with full support from university leadership.


AMP Kicks off the first set of major modernization projects:

  • Travel Modernization
  • eProcurement
  • Budget Model Redesign
  • Fleet Management
  • Student Advising Innovation