The Administrative Modernization Program (AMP) advances how the University of Maryland sees and organizes money so we can allocate resources intelligently, make investments in the future and keep education affordable. Working closely with experts from across campus, AMP is building a financial foundation that’s more transparent, more efficient and that will arm our community with the funds they need to make fearless ideas a reality.


“Imagine running your family’s budget without knowing your salary,” remarked a university dean recently, referencing the trouble he has accessing critical budget numbers for his school. While a self-professed exaggeration, it exemplifies a universal frustration held by deans and department heads across campus:  the time and effort required to connect money coming in, how it’s being used and where it’s needed is excessive and complicated—and often has already changed by the time it’s compiled.

The world of biochemistry has changed dramatically in the past 25 years; so have the worlds of architecture, business, political science, and virtually any discipline taught on UMD’s campus today. To prepare students for promising careers in these fields, universities must stay one step ahead of the practice, maintaining a nimble curriculum that includes new methods, technologies and advancements.  

A new tool being developed by UMD’s AMP Procurement Modernization project will provide a more effective option to pulling out the P-card with a robust online shopping portal (think