AMP is Making an Impact with EnGen

EnGen is a research-driven, virtual English language learning platform that was developed by a UMD alumna. In order to remove English proficiency as a barrier to both students and staff, UMD’s Administrative Modernization Program (AMP) has partnered with EnGen to make licenses available to students, faculty, and staff across campus. The overarching goal of AMP's UMD/EnGen program is to improve inclusion and cross-campus access for diverse, non-native speaking students, faculty, and staff, offering them the personalized language support that they need. For more information and/or to gain access, please visit the AMP/EnGen site and/or email

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Katie Nielson, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Education Officer, EnGen

Can you tell us a story about a particular individual who was impacted or helped by your cause?

The University of Maryland uses EnGen not only as a provider of English-language instruction to students who need support with English, but also to their staff. The program has been especially popular with the housekeepers of residential facilities, who have been using the platform now for over a year. Among that group is Hana Tadese, who is originally from Ethiopia and came to the U.S. five years ago seeking asylum. She had previously earned a Master’s in social psychology in Ethiopia and would like to get a degree in public health.

Tadese has been using the platform to study the language content related to a variety of health care jobs and topics, with the goal of one day bringing her Master’s to bear on a career in public health. She likes the flexibility EnGen affords her, because, as she says, “I have no interest to take a class at night, but this is really good for me because I can do it any time and it’s easily accessed.”'