Our Process


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People-first Change Management

AMP uses the Prosci ADKAR model to effectively manage change and limit disruption. This structured process and set of tools support the campus through change and transition. At the end of a successful change process, the people and the organization are not just different, they are better.
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Dynamic Project Management

AMP projects have a dedicated project manager that uses their knowledge, skills, and experience to manage project scope and budget, resolve issues, and keep people engaged with the project.

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Business Impact Analysis

Business Analysts support AMP projects by collaborating with stakeholders to define the scope of a project, gathering functional and technical requirements, and identifying opportunities for efficiency.

The Funnel



AMP Gathers info on the project proposal, area of impact, and feasibility of success.
  • Does this project fit into the scope of AMP's mission?
  • Could this be better addressed by another university entity?



AMP interviews stakeholders, analyzes data, and assess project risk, building a business case and documenting prospective solutions.
  • At a high level, is the project feasible?
  • Could it deliver value?
  • Is there executive support for an AMP solution?



AMP builds a detailed business case and a high-level change management plan, and completes stakeholder analysis.
  • Which projects should AMP execute and prioritize?
  • What are the key risks to monitor?