Prospective Students

Welcome to University of Maryland sign along Baltimore Avenue in front of Chapel Fields.

Through a customer-centered approach and integration across multiple systems, TerpEngage enhances communication with prospective students during outreach, application, and admission to the university.

Office of Extended Studies

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Using the integrated platform, this initiative streamlines the submission and review process for nine OES program applications and forms and the IAA application for admission, enriching data and view of prospective students as they engage with UMD.

Graduate Admissions

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The Graduate School TerpEngage initiative streamlines the submission and review process for applications to over 300 graduate programs while moving closer to the goal of providing a 360 degree view of the student.

Enrollment Management

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By moving Enrollment Management functions onto a single CRM, stakeholders will have a 360 degree view of prospective, admitted, confirmed, and yielded students’ engagement with the University of Maryland, better equipping Enrollment Management to support and ultimately yield and retain students.