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The Graduate School’s mission is to advance graduate education and enhance the student experience. In service to this mission, the Graduate School TerpEngage initiative streamlines the application submission and review process to over 300 graduate programs. 

The initiative unifies multiple disjointed systems and eliminates manual integrations between systems, moving closer to the goal of providing a 360 degree view of the student. 

Communication between units and the Graduate school as well as from the university to applicants will be more transparent and efficient.

Project Goals & Impact

The legacy application review system (Hobsons) will retire, and there will be one system to support the application submission and review process. The review process between units and the Graduate School will be trackable. 

Units will have useful analytics and reports available as applications, waiver codes, and fees are tracked and managed in the system. Communication to students will improve using a robust marketing tool. Data retention and disposal will be regularized and ensure data compliance guidelines.




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