Travel Modernization

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The Travel Modernization Program will vastly improve how we manage travel for our 20,000 business travelers each year. It will move UMD to SAP Concur, an all-in-one online travel platform that seamlessly handles all major components of travel – from pre-approval, booking, and expense management to travel card management and reporting. 

Its mobile receipt capture feature will help us go paperless and support our sustainability goals. In addition, AMP is implementing robust duty of care technology and supporting processes (including dynamic mapping and 24/7 risk monitoring), which will enable us to easily know where our travelers are, communicate with them, and manage their safety at an enterprise level.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Enhanced traveler experience (tool and beyond)
  • Lower administrative burden
  • Quicker or easier compliance stewardship
  • Higher data quality, accuracy, capture, and access
  • Enhanced care for travelers (Duty of Care)
  • Continued or enhanced sustainability


  • Business Sponsor: Kimberly Watson, Assistant Vice President, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
  • Travel Modernization Program Manager: Lina Parikh
Steering Committee

Academics, Research, and Research Compliance

• Ann Holmes, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, BSOS
• Jessica Vernon, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, AGNR
• Maureen Meyer, Senior Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, ENGR

Athletics and University Relations

• Eric Reinke, Associate Athletic Director, ICA
• Patricia Wang, Executive Director of Development, Gift Planning, VPUR

Travel Risk Management & System Audits and Compliance

• Leanne Johnson, Director, Intl Risk Management, Office of International Affairs (travel risk mgmt or “duty of care”)
• Susanne Anacker, Director, Mgmt Advisory Services (system/legislative audits, compliance, controls, & best practices)

Campus Advisory Group


• AGNR - Gloria Chin Quee, Payroll Manager, Dean-Fiscal Office 
• ARCH - Dawn Green, Business Manager
• ARHU - Cristina Baker, Assistant Director, Dean’s Office
• BMGT - Rowena Corpus, Director, Office of Finance and Accounting
• BSOS - Rebecca Mathews, Director, SMART Center
• CMNS - Deborah Thompson, Business Manager, Math > Entomology
• CMNS - Claire Goebeler, Executive Director of Administration, Biology
• CMNS - Elizabeth Wise, Director, Administrative Services, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center
• EDUC - Valerie Foster, Coordinator
• EDUC - David Toledo, Director of Admin Services and Finance, Human Devt. and Quantitative Methodology
• ENGR - Michael Mansfield, Director, Business Operations and Financial Analysis
• GRAD - Wendy Koch, Business Manager
• INFO - Yen Lin, College Financial Business Manager, iSchool
• JOUR - Janet Woolery, Business Manager
• PLCY - Cristina Gonçalves, Director of Finance
• SPHL - Keisha Prawl-Woods, Assistant Director of Finance and Administration, Department of Kinesiology
• UGST - Yifei Fan, Coordinator, Dean’s Office for Undergraduate Studies
• USG - Bilky Okoh, Business Manager, Administration and Finance, Shady Grove Center

Research and Compliance

• VPR - Research Compliance – Marchon Jackson, Director, Sponsored Programs Accounting & Compliance (SPAC)
• VPA - System Compliance – Susanne Anacker, Director, Mgmt Advisory Srvcs (audits, controls, & best practices)

Beyond Academics

• DIT – Kate Douglas, Business Manager, Business Support Services, Division of Information Technology
• PRES-ICA – Nikki Sciannella, Director, Business Operations, Intercollegiate Athletics
• PRES-MFRI – Michael E. Cox, Executive Director, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
• SVPAAP-EM - Nora L Czumak, Director of Administrative Services, Enrollment Management
• SVPAAP-OIA – Mary Fortier, Director of Administrative Services, Office of International Affairs
• VPSA-RecWell – Brent Allen Flynn, Associate Director, University Recreation & Wellness
• VPSA-CVS – Kelly Hedgepeth, Meeting Services Manager, Conference and Visitor Services
• VPSA-Stamp – Kalia Patricio, Interim Assistant Director, Administrative Operations
• VPUR/DEVELOPMENT – Susan Byrne, Coordinator, Gift Planning
• VPUR/DEVELOPMENT – Faith Micallef, Coordinator, Regional Programs

Travel Risk Management

• TRAVEL RISK MGMT – Leanne Johnson, Director, International Risk Management, OIA (Travel Risk Management)
• EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS – Erin Meyer, Director, Emergency Mgmt and Business Continuity (OEMBC)