TerpEngage, powered by Salesforce


TerpEngage (powered by Salesforce) allows us to personalize and streamline connections with prospective students, current students, alumni, partners, faculty, and staff to cultivate engaging experiences. TerpEngage has already improved the experience for ~30,500 undergraduate students, tens of thousands of prospects, and has enabled better engagement with over 100,000 constituents.

Goals & Outcomes

TerpEngage will enhance the student experience, reduce administrative cost, integrate existing systems, and deliver timely data to stakeholders.

Current TerpEngage Projects

See the TerpEngage website: https://amp.umd.edu/terpengage

TerpEngage is actively working across the campus on:

  • an advising project, 
  • a graduate admissions project, 
  • an undergraduate enrollment project, 
  • an advancement/donor information project, 
  • and a prospecting/strategic communications project.